The manuscripts which appear in the sections «Articles», «General» and «Notes on Cases» are subject to preliminary review by the Editor in order to check their coherence with the subjects of interest of the Review. Subsequently, the manuscripts are subject to assessment by referees with the double blind peer review process, assuring anonymity of authors and referees. The evaluation process is conducted by two experts in the subject matter, selected by the Editor preferably from members of the Scientific Committee who hold or have held the position of tenured university professor in an Italian university or an equivalent position in a foreign university. The referee reports will take into consideration the following parameters: originality of the manuscript; clarity of logical process; accuracy of citations of scholars' writings, laws and court decisions; notes of cases reflecting the subject matter of the Review. On the basis of these parameters, the referees can conclude in their reports that the manuscript is:

a) publishable without changes;

b) publishable subject to changes;

c) to be substantially redrafted;

d) to be refused.

The review process will be made so that each author will receive the decision, if possible, 20 days after submission of the manuscript, drafted according to the editorial guidelines. Compliance of the manuscript with editorial guidelines (available online at will be evaluated by the Editorial Board. In case of disagreement between the two referees, the Editor may decide that the manuscript is to be published, or the Editor, in particular cases, will timely appoint a third referee to evaluate the manuscript. The Editor may decide not to submit to evaluation requested manuscripts or of particularly prestigious authors.