The Rivista del Diritto della Navigazione deals with transportation and maritime, inland, air and aerospace navigation, addressing,  from scientific and operational  points of view, both traditional subjects and the most recent technical innovations, such as: new problems in maritime and aeronautical construction, insurance, safety and security, problems tied to  registration of ships and aircrafts, guarantees on credits linked to or that can  affect navigation and its operation, logistics, environmental  protection, new issues concerning  management of infrastructures and systems for traffic control and the most innovative  technologies in transportation, consumer protection, national and international taxation.

Furthermore the Rivista focuses on fishery, aquaculture and pleasure crafts, both air and sea, recognizing  the economic and social importance of these activities.

In the context of uniform and European law, the purpose of the Rivista is to offer tools for a more active Italian participation in the formation process of rules, reflecting the economic and industrial role of Italy at international level. The Rivista intends to be a forum for debate on the changing world of  traffic and transportation infrastructures, and a valid tool for scholars,  practitioners and policy makers.